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Hi, I'm Nikki.
I'm Nikki and am a photographer based in Northeast, Ohio. Wedding and Senior photography are my specialties. I can't wait to meet your beautiful self!
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What to do when you are a creative and have a million ideas go through your head every day and you are passionate about every single one of them? Start a blog of course! lol

Hello, my name is Nikki and I’m a creative who also happens to love analytics, organizing, and strategic planning. I’ve been a graphic designer for about 10 years and have recently dove into my passion for photography. I am a mom to the sweetest, smartest (sometimes scary smart), and hilarious girl and I’m a wife to an incredibly amazing man whom I admire every day. We are also parents to two furries, Trixie – our little feisty yorkie and Leia – equally feisty cat.

I am a creative, and I have a feeling that many creatives have the same problem as I do. I have a million and one passions and I have a really hard time focusing. I have loved designing my whole life. I started college as an interior designer and my ultimate goal was to create themed restaurants or have my own HGTV show lol.  As I was learning how to build houses and design interior structures I also had to take graphic design courses, I realized that I enjoyed those classes way more than my major and was convinced I was destined to be a magazine designer. Up until my most recent job I did just that! I designed magazines and even interactive digital magazines. I loved it quite a bit! Then I randomly received a message on Linkedin about a marketing design job. This was brand new territory for me so of course my interest was peaked and I was looking for a new challenge in life. Can I just say I LOVE marketing design and designing by human behavior (yes I’m aware I’m a super nerd.)

One of my favorite things is Humans of New York. I’m so fascinated by people and everyone’s story. I love how visuals and design can drive people to make certain decisions. I think that is also why I love photography so much. I love observing people and telling their story through visuals. A photo is worth a thousand words. Capturing pure and raw emotion in life moments drive my creative motivation. To me design full fills my problem solving side of my brain while photography full fills my passion for people watching. Just watching my daughter grow up into a walking talking person is incredible. I may have more than 8,000 photos of just her this year alone…. I just want time to either slow down or freeze so I can capture her just how she is now. But, I also find myself so excited to see who she becomes as a person as she grows up.

I always feel pulled in a ton of different directions with creative ideas, but I’m currently feeling a strong pull to photography to broaden my creative thinking. I love how photography allows me to create my work and capture the moments. I treasure so many photos and I love looking at all of them remembering just how happy I was in that moment. My goal as a photographer is to help others have moments captured that they can treasure and remember just how they felt in that moment in time.

I hope you enjoy looking into my photography journey and can’t wait to share all the wonderful moments with amazing people.

Photo Credit: Destinee Stark Photography

October 1, 2018

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I'm Nikki and am a photographer based in Northeast, Ohio. Wedding and Senior photography are my specialties. I can't wait to meet your beautiful self!

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