Based in Northeast, Ohio you will typically find me enjoying the sunny days outside or hanging with my family laughing until there are tears in our eyes. I love being a goofball and making people smile with my bubbly/dorky personality. My two girls always keep life interesting with their vibrant energy. I'm pretty sure they got their spunk from both me and Greg. Maybe that's what happens when a Ravenclaw marries a Slytherin? lol. We are just two super nerdy parents living our best life. 

During sessions I use my super power of awkward goofyness to get those authentic laughs and emotion out for beautiful images. Because when you are looking at your photos days, months, or years from now I want you to see you! You are amazing and gorgeous and my number one priority is for you to have an awesome experience to remember the happiest moments in your life. 

meet your NE Ohio photographer. Nikki avramovich.

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My favorite part of photography is how it sparks all five senses. When you look at photos filled with emotion you can hear the laughter and joy. If there was a certain perfume or signature cologne someone wore it's as if you can smell it come through the paper. You can taste the family secret recipe with family gatherings. Or, you can feel the hugs and cuddles in the moment. This is why I feel it is so important to get the raw, authentic moments filled with emotion in my photos. There is a deep connection with the candid moments that makes pictures so valuable. 

I'm a Wife and Mom to these amazing humans. Time goes so quickly. I will literally turn around and I feel a year has gone by and my babies are no longer babies. It is my desire to preserve these precious memories why I value photography so much. One of my favorite things about our home is decorating it with beautiful artwork of our family. I love being surrounded by my favorite life moments with beautiful images. It is like a daily reminder of how blessed we are with loved ones that bring us so much joy. I love how each image makes me feel and also matches my style. 

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Joyful. Bold. Adventurous. Fun. Timeless.

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I love helping people preserve their memories and getting to relive their favorite moments in life. I have always been a creative person wanting to make the world a more beautiful place. I love photography because I not only create beautiful images, but I can also freeze moments in time to remember the best parts of life. I love transforming your home into a space filled with personalized art of the people you love.

I squeal with excitement while taking photos

Photography ignites my creative fire.

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Light yet bold photography full of emotion and adventure.

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I am a full service business that helps you with all the details to make sure you have the best session and images possible. I help walk you through how to have a fun session by sharing my expertise to ensure gorgeous photos. I share resources and tips to help you feel your absolute best with no stress. 

We value our clients time, energy and strive to make the experience easy and fun.

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