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I'm a hopeless romantic who finds great joy in creating and capturing connection and beauty wherever I go.

Wedding Experience

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Welcome to the Avra wedding experience! Here you will learn how Avra Studio is so much more than wedding photography. We make sure that your wedding day is the absolute best day of your life from the moment you said yes to the moment you say I do. The journey to your wedding day should be just as joyful as your big day. We strive to relieve wedding day stress by ensuring your photos are the best they can possibly be. We start with an in person meeting explaining the Avra Studio wedding experience with our husband and wife team. From there we help you plan your whole day and create timelines to make sure everyone stays on schedule and we don’t miss any must have photos with a thorough checklist of requested images. Browse this page to see just how an Avra Bride is a stress free bride.

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“You were open and excited for our ideas and brought many of your own. You were excited at the events, excited while editing…just always excited! It was contagious!”
– April

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We help create the timeline of the wedding day to make sure we have the best light for your portraits. We also create checklists of must have photos so every moment is captured to relive forever.

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To help prepare for your close up we provide a helpful tip list of ideas to remember while taking photos. It includes tips on what to wear for your engagement photos and how to take advantage of the best light of the day.

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We strive to create a stress free experience and provide online payments and payment plans. The payment timeline is provided in the proposal and reminds you by email when a payment is due.

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Let’s Capture your story.

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