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When planning your outfits for your session, accessories make all the difference in letting your personality shine. It not only brings uniqueness to your style, but it also helps with giving your hands more things to do during your session. The question “What do I do with my hands?” is answered with accessories where you can hold a hat, play with a scarf, and adjust an earring. Here are some of my favorite accessories to bring a bit more fun for your session.

August 5, 2021

3 Ways to Accessorize your Photo-outfits

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Here is a quick guide to how each season looks with my style of photography.

The Best Season for your Session


Picking Senior Session Season

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Soooo… last November I decided to invest in myself and went to an absolutely amazing photography conference. Yeah… I know… It’s May… and I’m just now blogging about it lol. After the conference though was Thanksgiving… then Christmas… then adjusting to being a part-time Stitch Fix stylist and working from home and spending time with […]

5 Things I learned at Showit United


Showit United Conference

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What to do when you are a creative and have a million ideas go through your head every day and you are passionate about every single one of them? Start a blog of course! lol Hello, my name is Nikki and I’m a creative who also happens to love analytics, organizing, and strategic planning. I’ve […]

The multi-passionate creative life